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Helping large and small companies find creative ways to communicate for 20 years.

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A generalist skillset covers a wide range of communication needs for a great value.


Corporate events require the flexibility to adjust to new demands and deliver creative solutions quickly.


The project will be complete when you need it.

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show openers

Opening an event with a compelling video gives momentum to the theme of the meeting.

These are a few of the brands that I have helped by creating exciting corporate event show openers.

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Projection mapping is a great way to add a new dimension to your event.

The combination of projectors and custom content mapped to elements in the room can really get attention and light up a dark area in an event hall. Over the last 5 years I have setup close to a hundred projection mapping installations.

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A versitile freelance content creator and
interactive developer that can deliver
head turning experiences at a great value.

Let's deliver your message and tell your story.



Frequently asked questions.

What do you do?

I am a video editor and motion graphics artist who also has extensive experience programming interactive media. I use these skills to create show openers for events and online product launches. When content is deployed to the web or interactive devices I design the interfaces and program buttons to deliver layers of information to the user. When new content is required I shoot DSLR video, build 3D models, and generate motion graphics to tell the story. I also have a good grip on using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms to make it possible to control kiosk media via physical buttons and sensors – because sometimes a real button is just what the installation ordered.

What do you cost?

I bill most projects at an hourly rate though I often settle on a project rate with clients. When shooting video I charge a half or full day rate and other fees depending on the gear required for the shoot. All fees required for travel are covered as incurred by the client. I start all projects with an initial bid that I always stick to unless there are dramatic scope changes. If any request leads to a scope change the client is always informed so that there are no surprises in the invoice.

Are we a good fit?

I have worked on projects for countless fortune 500 companies that were really exciting but I have always enjoyed creating videos to recap family events, help small companies look back on the previous year, or heartfelt tribute videos. Contact me to tell me about your project.

How to get started?

It all starts with your vision. I will have a meeting with you and your team to go over the goals and needs of the project. A key thing we will determine at this point is if you have assets that we can use or if the assets will need to be created with video, photos, or motion graphics. I will then put together a bid that includes a number of options and price points.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes. I have a wide variety of skills that can be plugged into a team in the heat of battle. I like to contribute what I can and let the agency take all the credit.

Reach out and tell me about your project
or just ask a question.

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